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Felt Me Knot

Pom Pom Crown

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Does your little one enjoy playing pretend? Whether they are the princess in a locked tower, or the kind of a mighty kingdom, or the wise wizard these play crowns will make the perfect addition to their whimsical and wonderful imaginative play! 

What a fun way to add a little whimsy to your child's imaginative play with our high quality felt play crowns! This is the perfect dress up and play accessory for little minds who're exploring their imaginative play! These crowns are perfect for every day play or even special occasions. 

Crowns have the option to be fastened with a super soft nylon elastic strip or with beautiful satin ribbon lace. Many moms prefer the look and aesthetic appeal of the lace ribbon but if your little one is like mine, and doesn't like sitting in one spot for too long then i'd recommend opting for the nylon strip! 

These handmade crowns are crafted in house and made using the highest quality materials. All embroidery is done inhouse by hand. Utmost care and attention is taken to ensure each product is made ethically and safely.  

SIZING: This crown is designed to fit all sizes. The laces can be tied at your convenience to any size you would like but the nylon strip is about two inches long, making the crown about 18 inches round. This size typically fits best for children over the age of one and can fit every other size including adults. 

Fine Print:

If you would like to change the colours on your crown, please leave a detailed note with the colour choices in the note box. We will do our best to match your needs while always thinking about the overall aesthetic of the item. Unless otherwise specified, some elements like leaf colours and/or pom colours will be used in a way that best matches your colour selection. If you are specific about those minute changes, please make sure you specify them in details in the notes. 

Please note that all wands and crowns have a flat shipping rate. This minimal flat rate amount will ensure that your order reaches you unharmed and within a matter of days. Due to the uncertainty around shipping delivery timings at the moment, we believe this is the safest route for our bigger products.  

All elements of the crown are carefully screened for safety and quality prior to shipping.

CAUTION: These products contain small pieces. Please do not leave the wand unsupervised. Although it is meant for play, it needs to be used carefully. 


wool blend felt
felt balls


nylon strip
satin ribbon


This crown measures 16 inches in length and 3.5 inches at its highest peak

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