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How it Works

Wondering how to go about ordering a bow or a flower? Which size to buy? It can be so much fun yet so overwhelming at the same time. Let me help you through this little adventure!

About the bows:

All items are hand made and made to order. Bows come in two sizes - Regular (3x4 inches) and Baby Bow (2x3 inches). Each Bow can be attached to a super soft nylon band or an alligator clip. The alligator clip is reversible and the orientation can be changed at any time. If you are buying a bow on a band but are worried you might have no use for it once baby has outgrown it, don't worry because you can always come back and purchase some alligator clips to slide into the bow instead. It's fairly simple, you just have to cut off the nylon band and insert the clip in and you're set! If you have bows on clips and would like them on a band occasionally, then you can get our interchangeable headbands! These are nylon bands with a felt tunnel strip that you slide the clip into and your bow is now on a band! 

About the flowers:

All felt items are hand made and made to order. You can choose from single flowers, half crowns, and full crowns. They're not age specific so you can buy anything your heart desires. The single flowers come in bands or clips, just like the bows and are so versatile and handy for everyday use. The half crowns are my favourite! They're not too elaborate but not that simple either, and they're just perfect to jazz up the little one's outfit. The full crowns are extra and fancy and my heart explodes every time I get the chance to make one! They're so adorable when worn and you can never have too many in my opinion! All half crowns and full crowns come on a nylon band but if you feel strongly about wanting them on a jute rope or satin ribbon, then all you have to do is leave a note before checking out and it will be done!


 If you have any more questions regarding what and how to order, you can contact us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible!