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Felt Me Knot

earth toned half crown

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Beautiful arrangement earth toned flowers as a half crown.  

The sweetest addition to your little one's wardrobe. This asymmetrical design is both feminine and contemporary and made with the finest quality of wool blend felt.

If you would like to design this crown in different colors, please fill out a 'Custom Order' form so we can design your crown together!


wool blend felt
felt balls


nylon headband


4.5 inches

care guide

great care is taken to make sure all items are constructed, finished, and packaged with utmost attention to detail and quality to ensure that you are happy with what you receive.

if soiled, gently spot clean with warm soapy water and air dry

all designs are secured to ensure they don't come undone; if they come undone you can send us an email to help you out!

additional product information

if the flowers appear squished/flat/wrinkled due to shipping, please know that gently fluffing the petals and straightening them can help make it better